Around Letnia Kuchnia : Old Town Square Olsztyn Poland


Place for economic life but especially cultural, Olsztyn is 15km away from home. For a drink, a nice cup of coffee or a delicious ice cream, Olsztyn will surprise you. Our secret addresses are available on our board information. Between the planetarium, the museum of Warmia and Mazury and last but nos least… Plaza Miejska (a new and trendy outdoor area); Olsztyn is pure delight in summer. Olsztyn has also an important festival (Greener festival), a theater and wide music programmation. Everything for everyone...

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Olsztyn Tourism Office - Old Town, © Wojciech Krom

Move Our World Lake Warmia Mazury

Wadag Lake

Source of water for Olsztyn, this lake is almost sacred. 494 ha surrounded by forest. Human actions are highly restricted on the lake and one can only enjoy swimming, paddling (NO MOTORS) or resting. From home, Wadag Lake is easily accessible through Barczewko village... 20 min by bike (around 5 / 7 km). A short stop in the grocery store with Emila for small snack and go!!

Around Letnia Kuchnia : Forest in Warmia Poland


Siedlisko Letnia Kuchnia is surrounded by forest. With a bike or simply walking, the best you can do is go around and experience pure and healthy nature. You will cross villages, sometimes ruins of old time. You will see wild animals (for sure footprints) and you will experience the best forest can do for human. Give a break and quiet time.

On a our information board, you will find some ideas for itinerary and everything you need to make this moment unforgettable

© Jadwiga Koniecko

Around Letnia Kuchnia : Traditional Warmian Village in Poland Reszel


Barczewko, Tulawki, Dobre Miasto, Jeziorany, Reszel, etc..

Warmia is not the most famous region in Poland... but it is getting trendy. Neighbour to Mazury, full of lakes and covered by forest, Warmia has a long history of traditions. They were forgotten but they are coming back on the table. Villages with castles, churches, old taverns will show you the way...

© Cittaslow Reszel

And many others...

Skansen Olsztynek / 45m

Open Air Museum

Swieta Likpa / 1h

Catholic Holy Place

© Ludwig Schneider / Wikimedia

Lidzbark Warminski / 45m

Gothic castle

© Ludwig Schneider / Wikimedia

Elblag Canal / 1h30

The famous canal of Poland