Tourism is a population movement in order to discover a place, a culture or oneself. In reality, Tourism does not mean traveling to the other side of the world. Its concept is already taking shape a few kilometers from home.

Unfortunately, tourism like many things in the 21st century, has excesses of all kinds … Today, tourism is mostly seen as an additional act of consumption associated with an individual desire. Consequently it does not (or not enough) take into account the impact (environmental, social and economic) on the visited areas.

A global situation which drives us to Ecotourism as our standard

Since 2000s mass tourism has exponential growth. Mass tourism brings crazy crowds in unprepared places. Mass tourism boosts garbage which accumulate or wash up in our oceans. Mass tourism supports social inequalities in many emerging countries. For all that reasons, we put all our heart into responsible and sustainable tourism.

According to the UNWTO, sustainable tourism and therefore ecotourism is defined as :

” Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, by meeting the needs of visitors, professionals, the environment and host communities. “

Letnia Kuchnia guesthouse agrotourism with their own fruits
Letnia Kuchnia guesthouse Summer atpmosphere with a lot of flowers
Letnia Kuchnia farmstay Strawberries from the garden
Agrotourism in Poland Ref fruits just picked up from the garden

Within Letnia Kuchnia Bed & Breakfast, the operation and development of our activity goes through this prism. We organize our thoughts around the main axes below.

Colourful rose with development axis towards Sustainable tourism

Discover our good practices
( set and on process )

  • Recycling points within the property (organic, paper, glass, plastic and metal segregation in the summer kitchen). Development in progress at the room level.
  • Limitation of single-use plastic (no straw, no plastic bottle, no coffee capsules, etc.).
  • Use of deposit for Pierrot lemonades bottles and beers for example
  • Pumping water from the well for all the rooms.
  • Partial recovery of rainwater for the vegetable garden (improvement work still in progress).
  • Watering system by pumping the pond. (improvement work still in progress).
  • Awareness of the local flora and fauna, especially for walks in the forest.
  • Reminder panel on the importance of not throwing waste in the forest; and even more by collecting them leaving available trash bags.
  • Always communicate with our commitment to local producers for the catering part.
  • Home vegetable garden. Diverse culture.
  • 10 hens for fresh eggs everyday
  • Homemade sourdough bread.
  • Purchase of organic raw materials (flour, oil, lentils) thanks to our partner Bionest
  • For products not from our vegetable garden, supply from the neighborhood (eggs, potatoes, chickens, spinach) or in Olsztyn (market with small regional farmers: PGR Tłokowo, Praslity, Dorota z Pupki, QRAŚ Wedliny Catering).
  • Reduction in the consumption of meat products.
  • Establishment closed in autumn / winter so no heating of the touristic structure.
  • For supplementary heating, use of wood stoves where the wood used comes from forests around. Use of dead wood.
  • Supply from the neighborhood for missing products in the kitchen.
  • Encourage the use of the village grocery store for third-party purchases (from us and from our guests).
  • In mid-season, purchase of tomatoes from the Łęgajny farm to support local employment
  • Use of wood, the main resource around us.
  • Recycling of equipment already on site.
  • Integration of second-hand equipment in our renovation (bricks, wood, etc.)
  • Free provision of bicycles for adults & children + suggested circuits / routes to discover the surroundings.
  • Promotion of the possibilities of coming to Siedlisko Letnia Kuchnia by train (shuttle possible from and to the station 15 km away).
  • Provision of books on the regions of Warmia and Mazury.
  • Establishment of a document for observations of local fauna through footprints (current 2021).
  • Advice and support on discovering the region

Some partners from the past, today and tomorrow

... Operators committed to promoting sustainable offers ...