From 20/06/2020 to 29/08/2020, minimum stay :
7 nights 
(from saturday to saturday)

Outside of this period, minimum stay 2 nights

Breakfast &

Dinner included

150 pln – 40€ / adult / day

60 pln – 15€ / child* / day

Organic and Homemade food

In Letnia Kuchnia, we serve seasonnal and organic food. With around 200 m2 of vegetable garden, we promise fresh and tasty food. Our menu is not vegan but we serve vegetable based cuisine. We complete our production with neighbors products (from Barczewko or Gady) or in Olsztyn’s market and its several regional farmers.

Our cuisine is a mix of polish, french and creole inspirations. We also serve restyled dishes we tasted in our trips to India, Sri Lanka, Mexico or Nepal. Let’s experience and taste it !

” Grow profusion and
bring it to the table “

Letnia Kuchnia Guesthouse. Slow food. From the vegetables garden
Letnia Kuchnia Guesthouse. Slow food. Homemade bread.
Letnia Kuchnia Guesthouse. Slow food. Natural Green taste.
Letnia Kuchnia Guesthouse. Fresh raspberries from the garden
Letnia Kuchnia Guesthouse. Slow food. Typical polish food
Letnia Kuchnia Guesthouse. Slow food. Mushrooms from our forest
Letnia Kuchnia Guesthouse. Slow food. Condiments.
Letnia Kuchnia Gueshouse. Slow food. Vegetables from the garden


* simply to make your stay unforgettable *

Bicycles are available to ride our surroundings. Direction the lake or just in the forest, few itineraries exist around us. We provide you with maps and necessary tools. Ask for a lunch box if you plan a day trip. Warmia is ready to reveal its secrets.
Wherever you will walk, forest is around Letnia Kuchnia. For mushrooms, blueberries, blackberries or simply for a bowl of pure air, you will experience our daily therapy. You will enjoy being surrounded by old oak, beeche and maple trees.
Our pond is unique. It brings a specific energy to Letnia Kuchnia. We provide you a paddleboard and two boats to enjoy water. For amateur fishermen, fishing is possible before a nice swim. Everything is here to get a peaceful time.
Books are important to us. Whatever you like, whoever you are, books are source of knowledge, experience or entertainment. We offer a nice travel/nature section and few nice surprises.
Books in
polish, french, german, italian
All over our Guesthouse, you will find various activities. From basketball to volleyball through tennis table, badminton, pétanque, golf... You may have the opportunity to change your mind with other guest. Enjoy!
5 km away, there is Wadąg Lake. Some of our friends keep our 4 canoes. They are available to everyone who wants to make a lovely getaway on Wadąg Lake or Pisa Warmińska river. A sweet and natural moment in front of you to experience !
Letnia Kuchnia Guesthouse. Animal and children friendly holidays
Letnia Kuchnia Guesthouse warmly welcomes babies and kids.

We love to grow Ernest (our son) surrounded by forest. Connection with nature, trees, fresh fruits is very important for us and for him. We offer different accessories and toys for our smaller guests. No doubt it will make them happy to run around backyards.
Letnia Kuchnia Guesthouse. Kids-friendly house. Nature