Fulfill our lives with positive energy

When we decided to open Letnia Kuchnia, it was obvious for us to create this place as a laboratory for positive moves. Strongly inspired by permaculture philosophy, we want to create more with less. We want to use natural energy. We want to respect our environment and get inspired by it.

Warren Brush (certified permaculture designer) said once: "it is important to move information in the room of knowledge". For us, it is a key philosophy. We read, we talked, we observed, we learnt a lot... Today, it is time to make everything concrete, real. We will experience. We will sometimes fail, we will often success but anyway we will DO.

Every guest is part of Letnia Kuchnia life. So we are happy to share with you our goals, philosophy, dreams, directions. See you soon in Letnia Kuchnia... and Get in Touch !

Letnia Kuchnia accommodation for summer holidays. Evening chilling vibes
Letnia Kuchnia Agrotourism with vegetable gardens to provide kitchen and restaurant
1. Sustainable tourism
Since our Move Our World trip, we believe tourism can be run in responsible and sustainable way. Supported by the society Hopineo, we want Letnia Kuchnia Gueshtouse have a important role.

Thanks to our experience, we intend to set sustainable practices as much as possible n our daily life business.
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2. Zero Waste
We are surrounded by waste and we are tired o fit. In our countryside lifestyle, waste management is important. We do care for our family and we cannot accept to be permissive for our business.

We set processes and created a way to follow-up our bins. The easiest way to reduce them...
3. Homemade
In a society where many things are subcontracted and purchased, HANDMADE and HOMEMADE have never been so much in the spotlight. On the kitchen side, on the garden side, we choose the humility of our work to offer the best in taste and quality.

Discover during your visit the diversity of our recipes, the variety of our pantry and the autonomy that we pursue.
4. Edible forest
One principle of permaculture is profusion. In Letnia Kuchnia, we slowly build an edibale forest with perennial species (fruit, vegetables, leaves). Our goal is clearly to use nature around us to grow what we need to eat and serve to our guests.

We aim to provide a diversified food to our guests with a focus on perennial products.

(1) Number of trees planted since we take care about Siedlisko letnia Kuchnia

(2) Kgs of waste. We weight our bins (It doesn’t include what we recycle or reuse) – from January to December 2023

(3) Nb of people hosted in Letnia Kuchnia. As much as human energy brought to our project…

What else? 

Without being exhaustive, it is important for us to :


  • discover or re-discover wild edible or medicinal plants
  • discover or re-discover old, forgotten and often resitant vegetables/fruits
  • slowly discover and practice some traditional transformation activities: sourdough bread, cheese (considering sheep cheese in 2026), juice (apple and grape juice made since 2022), cider, beer, etc..
  • use plants around us to create materials: for example basketry with willows


  • stimulate creativity
  • make possible the discovery of new activities (manual or mental)
  • create a positive and favorable environment for kids to grow and develop healthily

” Reconnect with our environment to restore its fair value “